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Business Hours

Monday - Friday 6am - 7pm
Saturday 7am - 5pm
Sunday 8am - 5pm 

No Pick Up or Drops Off's:  Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving, 4th of July

All other Holiday Pick Up & Drop Off Hours:  10am - 3pm

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9204 Gulfstream Road

Frankfort, IL 60423
PHONE: 815-464-TAIL (8245)

FAX: 815-464-6757

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A La Carte

Welcome to K9 Tailshakers A La Carte program for Boarding and Interactive Care Dogs!

K9 Tailshakers A La Carte program provides one on one exercise and stimulation for dogs that are here just for the day and/or overnight. This program is an exellent program because it is structured and consistent allowing your dog to use their mind and body. This program is useful and beneficial in many ways and is one of most universal programs we offer. Exercising the mind is just as important as exercising the body! Who can benefit from this program?

  • Non Social Dogs: this program does not require your dog to be social with other dogs
  • Nervous/Shy dogs: We use this program for Nervous or Shy Dogs for multiple reasons. When using their minds and asking them to do things, it keeps their minds off of what they are nervous about...eventually allowing them to gain trust that what we are doing is fun and exciting. Eventualy they begin to truly enjoy what they are doing. It is a great program for building confidence.
  • Over excitable dogs: This program benefits these dogs because it teaches them self awareness. The need to be aware of their body, surroundings and how they are performing.
  • The average dog: This program benefits any dog. There is nothing better the incorporating exercise to include their mind!

If you are not utilizing our Interactive Care Program, 3 activities per day is equivalent to our Interactive Care Program. If you are using our Interative Care program we recommend not adding more then 2 activities per day and/or rotating Interactive Care with the A La Carte options.

Click on this Link to see A La Carte in Action!


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