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Monday - Friday 6am - 7pm
Saturday 7am - 5pm
Sunday 8am - 5pm 

No Pick Up or Drops Off's:  Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving, 4th of July

All other Holiday Pick Up & Drop Off Hours:  10am - 3pm

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9204 Gulfstream Road

Frankfort, IL 60423
PHONE: 815-464-TAIL (8245)

FAX: 815-464-6757

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The Dog Gym

The Dog Gym

Thank you for showing interest in The Dog Gym at K9 Tailshakers, Inc. K9 Tailshakers will soon be opening their doors to the public to utilize their equipment! It may appear The Dog Gym is about weight, fitness and being healthy, although the goal is to build healthy dog/owner relationships by utilizing exciting and unique types of equipment. Working your dogs mind is just as important as working your dogs body.We believe one on one quality time plays a big role in healthy dog owner relationships. The more “quality” time you spend with your dog, the better the relationship, which benefits both dogs and their owners on multiple levels. It improves trust, health, core strength to prevent injuries and most of all aids in making obedience an overall better experience.Please be consistent, patient, and creative in your “quality” time here at the Gym and make this experience about only you and your dog. You will notice tremendous improvement in your dog’s willingness to please you within a few months if you come consistently 2 times a week and work at home. Start off as basic as you can and master it before you start anything more advanced. If you find your dog has mastered the basics, ask a K9 Coach to help provide you with ideas and information with more advanced challenges.

How does it work?:

Only a max of 8 dog/handler teams will be allowed on the floor per 1 hour session. We allow only 15 minutes per peice equipment (think circuit training.)


Pre-booking your time is HIGHLY recommended to guarantee floor time. All dogs are on
leash at ALL times and in control. This IS NOT a free for all or time for your dog to socialize. This is meant for quality time, just you and your dog, using fun equipment while practicing your obedience skills, stengthening core muscles, stimulating their mind and providing exercise.

For those looking to get their dogs acclimated to the equipment prior to coming assisting in make your Dog Gym experience less challenging, please take advantage of our drop off option during the day with our A La Carte Program. We created an incredible discounted offer for those that are Gym Members. Typically we charge $20 for a 20 minute sampler, although we will be providing our Dog Gym Members (2) 20 minute Dog Gym Training Sessions in a day for just $25. You drop your dog off between 6am-9am and pick up between 3pm-7pm and our trainers will do the work for you!

In addition, we will be offering periodic guest gym classes and guest speakers. The first class will be a Very Basic Beginners Class working on targeting, touch and basic equipment.

Steps to Join:

1.) Call the front office to make appointment for Orientation 815-464-TAIL (8245) (Humans only for Orientation - No dogs and No Children)

2.) You will receive an email with instructions & required paper work (Application, Proof of Vaccinations, Rules & Regulations and Gym Waiver)

3.) Bring with you $20 one time processing fee in the event you decide to join. Cash or Check only.

4.) Please Note: Anyone attending the Gym must complete orientation (no children allowed.) i.e. husband/wife must both attend if both plan on bringing the dog. If more then one dog proof of vaccinations for all dogs are required.

5.) Once you are registered and approved, you will receive an invitation to which you can access from your computer and/or phone app. Here you will be able to book your floor space in advance and see how many spots are left/available for future times. Approved members will be checked at the door, therfore a Valid D.L. and/or State I.D. will be required.











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