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No Pick Up or Drops Off's:  Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving, 4th of July

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9204 Gulfstream Road

Frankfort, IL 60423
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Nick Carman

We are excited to introduce our new Director of Training Nick Carman. After spending several years at a highly respected training facility we were lucky enough to convince Nick to join our team. With impeccable references from Board & Train, Private Lesson and Group Clients along and his clear passion and knowledge we are excited to have Nick as part of our Team. It was clear from Nicks clients that he has earned respect and has become a sought after trainer helping thousands of clients and their dogs. With a balanced approach, the ability to articulate the how and why, and truly caring, we are certain Nick will be as highly sought after here as he was elsewhere. Training a dog in drive for sport and the field is one thing although training with problematic dogs and having the ability to teach the average pet owner, who are not seasoned handlers, is a skill in of itself and Nick has proven his success with pet owners.

Nick enjoys training all breeds of dogs but has a soft spot for the bully breeds. While he specializes in dogs with aggression issues and puppies with extensive "puppy problems", Nick also can turn himself into the teddy bear that is needed for the sweetest of all pups!

Nick owns an 8 year old German Shepherd named Jazzy and outside of dog training Nick enjoys playing sports, going to sporting events and playing pool. We are incredibly excited for the opportunity of having Nick as the Director of Training.

A few quotes from Nicks clients:

"I have owned dogs most of my life and have used various trainers over the last 17 years. I can say without a doubt, that Nick is one of the best trainers that I have worked with. He is confident, easy to talk to, and explains why he is doing and what he is doing when training."
Kim Shallcross

"His knowledge and ability to translate that skill set to the handler is as impressive as we have seen. We have personally observed that ALL his clients get the extra attention their dog requires just as we did. Simply stated he loves all the dogs he works with and respects the owners. I'm confident that he will surpass your expectations in his new role."
Dr. Arthur and Mary Harms

"I will follow Nick no matter where he goes! I will be traveling over an hour so I can continue to train with Nick at his new position with K9 Tailshakers! I promise you will not go wrong with hiring Nick." Diane Kozi

"What I love most about Nick is that he really LOVES the dogs he works with. He laughs with them and rolls down on the floor with them. He gives them play time to reward them for a segment of time that was hard work for his "students". Because I had a monthly membership to the treadmill there in the training hall, I had multiple opportunities to witness Nick working with many breeds, sizes and temperaments. One thing I can say is that he is an extremely hard and dedicated trainer." Kim Shallcross

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