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Monday - Friday 6am - 7pm
Saturday 7am - 5pm
Sunday 8am - 5pm 

No Pick Up or Drops Off's:  Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving, 4th of July

All other Holiday Pick Up & Drop Off Hours:  10am - 3pm

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9204 Gulfstream Road

Frankfort, IL 60423
PHONE: 815-464-TAIL (8245)

FAX: 815-464-6757

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Tail Shaking News

Gary Wilkes Seminar at the Indiana K9 Learning Center

Recently we attended a Gary Wilkes weekend log seminar at the Indiana K9 Learning Center presented by Jeff Gellman. Gary Wilkes was simply amazing and we learned a few neat ideas on how to stop some pretty unruly behaviors quickly. Gary, a balanced trainer, uses the click and treat method although he still believes in yes, no and consequences for bad behaviors. Gary has a rather extensive "bag of tools" as we call it in the training world. From using tones of voice, a neat boundary contraption he invented and the famous Gary Wilkes Bonker! Probably one of the more interesting seminars we've been to. It was very informative with a touch of humor to keep it interesting. Gary worked dogs from those that attended the seminar so we had the honor of seeing him live in action and Gary certainly opened our eyes. Thank you Gary, Jeff and the Indiana K9 Learning Center for an awesome weekend!

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Dog Gym opening to the Public Soon!

K9 Tailshakers will soon be opening their doors to the public on Saturday and Sunday evenings for those interested in using their exercise equipemnt! K9 Tailshakers will be offering multiple stations such as;

  • Treadmills
  • Treadwheel
  • K9 Fitness (peanuts, wobble boards, k9 fit bones)
  • Agility (just for exercise and fun, not formal)
  • Mental Fitness Corner (Puzzles & Obedience)
  • Personal fitness corner (let your dog relax while you work out)

Stay tuned for more information on membership and orientation times and dates!

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